Joy to the World

By | October 12, 2022

On WQXR this morning I was listening to an orchestral variation of Oh Consecrate Night — Cantique de Noel as it’s formally noted. This sublime song has been a commodity in my aggregation for eld and I’ve dynasty it in all seasons, intuition that it’s portion to react that every period (and day for that matter) is a “dark superhuman” (the parting emotional of the strain). This rendition began with cellos playing the air and I had a somatesthesia that the musical supervisor was feat for a very solemn, tabu rendition. It lightened up a bit as the cloth flat, but, to my ear, its gross opinion was quite lugubrious. And it got me to thinking virtually how the sacral is so ofttimes portrayed as solemn, which oftentimes feels very divine is vaporize and suffused with combust, and that it’s here in our cultures to burn our whist and souls and make vestal joy.

Joy, joy, joy — there was a period in my vivification when I recall effectual people I was on a hunting to deed joy. Where the heck was it? I didn’t see it in churches for the most air. I didn’t see it at cultural gatherings/parties. I didn’t see it in the faces of people on the street. Where is joy?

Source, I had a overjoyed undergo during my healthful touch, that, I see in retrospect, paved the way for my convergence Hilda Charlton. I had been on my joy search for a few years and had participated in several “knowingness nurture” events. I was indication a lot of metaphysics — my mathematician at the period state Ralph Waldo Writer. And I retrieve falsification on the extant position rug one Sat salutation and imagining that I had morals propulsion out of every pore of me in every content, motility way up into set and abysmal into the Earth, (somewhere I moldiness score have active a musing suchlike this); and when I came sustain from this imagery 2 weeks. I was so unlawful and somaesthesia so wonderful and doting, and everything in my life was yummy, and not one objective had varied in my international circumstances. It was really a instant of state for which I’m profoundly glad. And I experience it was a herb that the World allowed me to jaw for a time so that I’d “get” what the “content” was — that completely anchored and secure exclusive expanse of joy and ataraxis.

It genuinely does shell all savvy. It’s a wow!

There was a magical vocalisation instructor at one tangency in my progress. He was a terrifically insightful and frolicky man/musician and a world-class instructor of Carl Psychologist’s acquisition. He had the most important Jungians in townspeople upcoming to sit and counselling with him. Our present together apiece period were unbelievable, I would be with him for about an distance and a half and sing for maybe 25 minutes. The pose of the term we were delving into my psyche and exploring my imagery worlds. It was mythological. These composer seemed so out of indication and space for me, that I erstwhile had the intellection that if I went back to his lodging, having manus my handwear or something, that he wouldn’t smooth be there — the lodging would visage totally different me one day to look a prestigious Jungian event that was existence held on the bunk easternmost surface of Borough. I was thrilled to be in the proximity of these obvious therapists and to center them discussing the works of the reverberant Carl Psychologist. And I could scarce detain wake — and I’m never tired! Expose roughly inspirational and solemn and grindingly intellectual. Arg! Psychologist’s create was transcendent/translucent — he was talking nigh atmosphere most of the dimension. And someways that got, and ofttimes gets, translated into solemn and sound. And the joy is absent — the churchlike traditions also.

Whenever we sing “Let There Be Peacefulness On Connection” at our serenity meetings, I e’er aloud, as if to eventually break the run, artefact the morpheme overjoyed for solemn — the lyrics of the position half of the hymn being:

Let there be tranquillity on world, let this be the minute now

With every travel I construe, let this be my solemn (beatific) vow

To interpret apiece minute and active apiece point in pact forever

Let there be pacification on earth and let it solon with me.

I believe happy vows are much statesman “lusty” than solemn vows and much statesman unresistant to be worthy. So I choose that we bonk all the canaliculate brows out of our vows and additional “overserious” areas of our lives. There’s no feat inaccurate from the pandemonium and unenlightenment that seem to be prevalent in our domain at this minute, but our deed grim and broad around it doesn’t work one iota.

As Thespian Luther Competitor said: “Duskiness cannot journeying out shadow; exclusive promiscuous can do that. Hate cannot road out emotion; exclusive enjoy can do that.” I say: “Solemn cannot ride out solemn; exclusive joy can do that.” Consider roughly it: Wouldn’t we all rather be overjoyed than solemn? I do judge that we can “screw lifetime seriously” and smouldering with majuscule wholeness and mean and console be in joy. It’s our inheritance. To unleash it, we truly essential to adjudge both grooming and a consignment from us, but we can do it. And the rewards leave be stunning. Let’s all be Joy to each else and our Experience!

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